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Featured Products

Featured Products

Bamboo Skewers

The most common use of bamboo skewers is to thread food together, making it easier for the food to cook evenly and present a better appearance. In addition, bamboo skewers can also be applied in various handicrafts and DIY projects.

Disposable Cutleries

Disposable wooden cutleries are commonly used in restaurants, fast food establishments, and for takeout services. It is also frequently seen during gatherings to reduce the workload of cleaning and prevent cross-contamination.

Cocktail Picks

Cocktail picks are commonly used in bars, parties, restaurants, and other settings to provide decoration for beverages. They can also be used to secure food for display and facilitate subsequent food distribution.

Disposable straws

These disposable straws are made from natural materials such as bamboo, wheat straw, and reed. They can replace plastic products and are commonly used for drinking beverages in both dine-in and take-out services in the catering industry. They can also be used for drinking during gatherings.

coffee Stirrers

The main function of a coffee stirrer is to mix beverages, helping to evenly dissolve seasonings. In specific situations, it can also be used to pick up food. Additionally, aesthetically pleasing coffee stirrers can enhance the appearance of the drink.

ice cream sticks

Apart from being used to make ice cream and popsicles, ice cream sticks are also an ideal material for crafting handmade artworks. They can occasionally be used as gardening tools and, after undergoing strict disinfection and sterilization, they can also serve as medical tongue depressors.

disposable chopsticks

Disposable chopsticks are commonly used in dine-in and take-out services in Southeast Asian restaurants, providing convenience for customers to have a quick meal without the need for cleaning. They are also suitable for family gatherings and picnics. The affordable price makes them a popular creative tool among artisans.


The most common use of toothpicks is for cleaning teeth, but they can also be used to secure food in cooking and distribute food. Some artists can use toothpicks for artistic creation.

Wooden dishware

In large gatherings, outdoor activities, and catering businesses, disposable wooden cutlery is highly popular as it is more environmentally friendly than plastic products while also simplifying the cleaning process and reducing the risk of cross-contamination.



No harmful substances are used in the production process, and no harmful substances are produced with food.


Customize logos, colors, shapes, and other product appearances freely.

excellent quality

No excessive treatment is needed for the wood grain to be clearly visible, sturdy and durable.

Free sample

Provide spot goods as samples, and subsequent shipment standards shall be based on the samples.

Usage Scenario


Used for packaging food in restaurants, cafes, and other dining establishments.


Convenient and quick to use for family gatherings or picnics.


Provide spot goods as samples, and subsequent shipment standards shall be based on the samples.

at retail

High-quality disposable tableware is sold in supermarkets or community stores.

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After having over 10 years of global trading eco-friendly products, AHEVEN has covered an area of 52,500㎡ and employs more than 100 workers. Our focus is on expanding our range of bamboo wooden and eco-material products. As a disposable tableware manufacturer, we offer support for OEM and ODM services. Please feel free to present your product requirements, and our professional sales team will provide you with competitive prices, high-quality products, and excellent service.

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Our factory has already obtained BSCI, FSC, and ISO9001 certificates, while our products have passed FDA and LFGB tests. We conduct QC inspections during each production line to strictly control the quality standards.

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